Jersey Curl Salon opened May 2012 by owner Veronica Tapia. Before working in New Jersey she worked in Devachan Salon in SoHo, NYC and trained with their best stylists. That is where she found her love for curly hair, and decided that all the other salons she worked at in the past were just not what she was looking for. Until she saw what Deva was about and the great technique that was created by Lorraine Massey author of the Curly Girl handbook. Lorraine's belief and passion for curly hair has changed many stylists including Veronica who now sees hair differently and will continue to save many curly girls! 


Jersey Curl salon is not your typical everyday hair salon that only caters to straight hair. We specialize in curly hair and we'll help you stop fighting it. We will lead you and take you to the curly road, but it's your choice and commitment to help get your hair back to healthy, shiny, bouncy locks once again!

At Jersey Curl Salon we are all Deva trained and have a lot of experience with all hair types including straight hair. We also specialize in color, highlights, color correction, fillers and glazes. No matter who's chair you sit in, you are guaranteed a great experience as well as great hair!

All products that are used in the salon are SULFATE FREE including Deva Curl and our Italian color line ALOXXI from the founder of OPI.