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To Our Jersey Curl Salon Family

We are so EXCITED to get back to the salon and see you and your curls!

We have some important new guidelines and information to share with you as we continue to prepare to re-open in a safe matter.


No tipping on credit cards.


We now accept ALL card types!


Effective immediately: Credit card merchant service will be directly charging you a 4% service fee for all credit card and debit card transactions.

All stylists will be accepting CASH tips only!

  • We ask that you arrive to your appointment on time. If you are running later than 10 MINUTES, AUTOMATIC no-show/late fee is applied OR it is at your stylist’s discretion to ask you to reschedule for a later date.

  • All appointments of more than one service will have to leave a $50 deposit that will be credited towards your balance.

  • As usual please let us know 24hrs. in advance if cancelling your appointment. If failure to do so the deposit goes towards your cancellation fee.

  • NO more than 2 guests allowed, kids, and fur babies at this time. Since we are operating on a limited capacity. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • MASKS are optional when entering the salon and during the entire appointment. You may request your stylist to wear a mask.


Please arrive with clean hair on the day of your appointment.

  • Your hair MUST be clean, detangled enough to section dry, styled (little product), curls intact in visible curl state (do not brush/comb hair when dry), and dry on the day of your appointment.

Failure to do so will result in an additional $20+ Detangling Fee or Inconvenience Fee $10+




Before COVID yes, we have taken kids on regular days but as of 2020 we have not taken kid appointments on regular business days. We do not accept kids under the age of 10 years old on regular business days. 


Why this policy?

Most of our regular adult clients do not want kids in the salon during their appointments for the reason that it is their time to relax and enjoy their visit, which is understandable. Unfortunately, we have lost many clients due to loud, crying, screaming children, and the capacity of guests who come with children which is out of our control (but hey we get happens). All honesty, our salon is not a kid environment on a regular basis due to chemical services, our music playlist, adult conversations going on as well as wine being served at times. This is the environment we choose to have on a daily basis. 


Why Kids Day?

This gives parents the chance to still bring their little ones as well as have a kid friendly environment with Kid friendly music playing with a one-on-one experience and a small treat for your kid to look forward to at the end. Our feedback has been great from parents and especially kids. They love it and also feed off each other so wonderfully! 


How to know about Kids Days

Subscribe to our newsletter which is only one email every month on the 1st of the month. That email will include our Kids Day that month which is always on a Wednesday at both salons and Sunday only in Cliffside Park. We also post on our Instagram and Facebook follow (jerseycurlsalon). There is no pre booking in advance for future dates. First come first served! Spaces are limited. Keep in mind that not all stylists work Kids' Day as they rotate. 


How to prepare for a Kids Curly Cut 

Wash and detangle your child’s hair. Leave in some conditioner and style with a curl cream or leave in and let it dry naturally. Hair must be dry and in its natural state the day of, avoid brushing or combing out while hair is dry.


Hair can NOT be brushed out, in braids, in buns, ponytails, twists or anything that manipulates the natural curl pattern.


It hurts your child when we have to section off their hair for the haircut that is done dry, and it is difficult for the stylist to perform and give the best results.

Failure to do so will result in a detangling fee or possibly canceling your child’s appointment due to conflicting other children's appointments that day. 



What we ask from parents

Please be patient. We understand you want the best experience for your child, and we are trying our best to do so but bullying us because of our policy or an inconvenience for you is not okay. Each of our stylists take anywhere between 8-12 kids each kid's days and that is hard to begin with. Unfortunately, we cannot make everyone happy! We are hairstylists not magicians. We want to continue Kids' Day, but this cannot continue. Thank you for reading and understanding.


Jersey Curl Salon TEAM


Our Stylists

  • All our stylists will self-monitor their temperature every day when arriving to the salon.

  • We have all been certified for standard disinfection procedures, as well as COVID-19 procedures.

  • All tools, stations, and restroom will be properly sanitized and disinfected prior to your arrival and in between every appointment.


Thank You

We ask that during these times you are easy going and understand our new guidelines and policies.

We appreciate and thank you for your understanding during these times!

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